Yes, we Google prescriptions!

Figure this, a doctor prescribes a medicine, and you Google what he has prescribed.



Of course, yes.

We all do.

And if we don’t. You will start now.


There is a rising trend of people searching prescriptions online.


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We ask, Why?

Don’t patients trust doctors anymore?

Of course they do. But as technologically armed individuals, we need more information on anything that relates with us.


Do patients want to buy medicines online?

Not always. Patients cant wait for Acute care medicines to arrive a day later.


Is it just casual searches?

Its not like we would prefer to read about a medicine if there wasn’t a real need.


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Why do we google medicines?

Imagine, you are unwell, and cant go to work. You are sitting all day at home, supposedly resting. Somehow your hand will reach for the phone and you will fidget with social media for a while, watch videos, read tweets, read a blog, see social media stories and finally get bored.

Then you will think of the medicine and wonder what the doctor has prescribed.

You want to know more about the medicine, the illness, the credibility, the care you need to take, and then maybe a pessimist in you wants to know if there are any side effects, contraindications, and warning also.

Yes, we Google medicines.

I was visiting a friend’s mother who was admitted in a hospital recently. While I was talking with his father, he told me that he searches online all that the doctor prescribes and reads about it in his free time at the hospital.


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It’s not about trust, it’s about curiosity.

Pharma brands need to feed this curiosity with interesting, credible information.


Yes, we Google medicines.

When we read something good about the brand, our confidence in the treatment soars. Our language to our well-wishers gets better. It affects our mental health too and you never know that could help patients get well faster too.

Ok. Assumptions. Assumptions.

But not all of it.

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